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Top Dentist Los Angeles

Top Dentist Los AngelesLos Angeles residents can visit our dentist for a comprehensive selection of dental services for helping their teeth stay healthy and look great throughout life. By making unique treatment plans for all patients, our top dentist in Los Angeles ensures that their care is as effective as possible. Our services include preventive care designed to help patients avoid disease, restorative care for the teeth and gums and cosmetic treatments that eliminate or conceal aesthetic imperfections.

Focus on Prevention

Our dentist helps prevent oral health problems in a number of ways, using routine check-ups as a primary means of guarding teeth and gums against disease and informing patients on the most effective ways of caring for their mouth at home. By combining X-rays with visual inspections, our top dentist in Los Angeles gives patients a better chance of having problems spotted in time for early treatment. Based on individual risk factors, our dentist may make special recommendations for check-up frequency as well as for home dental hygiene materials and techniques.

Multiple Tooth Replacement Options

A number of tooth replacement options is available to patients based on their health, lifestyle factors and treatment goals. Removable dentures, the most affordable option, restore chewing and speaking ability quickly. Dental bridges remain in place permanently and also support normal oral functionality. Dental implants, a preferred option for replacing teeth, take the place of tooth roots so that patients avoid jaw bone resorption and the facial muscle loss it can cause.

Cosmetic Care Options

Patients can retain a brilliant smile throughout life by visiting our top dentist in Los Angeles for cosmetic care. Common dental imperfections, such as gaps, chips and gaps, can be concealed permanently with traditional veneers and Lumineers. Superficial stains can often be addressed quickly with professional teeth whitening treatments. Finally, crowns and dental implants offer restorative value in addition to their cosmetic worth.

Our top dentist in Los Angeles offers these services in a relaxed setting, making treatment more tolerable to patients who may have residual fear due to previous dental treatment. Schedule a consultation with our dentist to learn more about how our treatment options can help you.

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