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Kevin Sands DDS

Kevin Sands DDSThe stars rarely align at birth for perfect teeth. Even if they did, we would lose them during childhood and then have to start all over again. You might assume some of your favorite movie stars were born with perfect teeth, but Dr. Kevin Sands DDS has actually helped create some of those beautiful smiles you admire. This Los Angeles cosmetic dentist offers free consultations for cosmetic dental treatments, so you can look and feel like a celebrity every day.

Perhaps you would like to undergo a smile makeover but have no idea what treatments you need to achieve the look you want. This is no problem for Dr. Sands. Upon consultation, he will assess your smile and go over your dental goals with you. Before and after photos provide visual references for changes you may want to see in your own smile makeover. Whether you would like whiter teeth or require full-on tooth replacements, Dr. Sands will craft a treatment plan just for you.

To fulfill the potential of your natural smile, call our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sands. You may not realize how easy having the smile of your dreams can be. To put you at ease, Dr. Sands offers sedation dentistry and will discuss all treatments and recoveries in detail with you beforehand. Let Dr. Sands help align your Hollywood stars and give you your brand new perfect smile.

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