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Dental Exam

dental examDental exams should be a regular part of your oral health care. Many people mistakenly believe that as long as they brush and floss their teeth every day, their oral health should be fine. But our Los Angeles dental exam expert can detect problems that you cannot see on your own, and we can clean your mouth much more thoroughly than you can with a standard toothbrush. These exams also give our dentist a chance to see how well you are actually taking care of your teeth and make suggestions as to how you can improve your dental health.

The American Dental Association recommends getting a dental exam once every six months although our expert in dental exam in Los Angeles may suggest a different schedule depending on your needs. If you are in exceptionally good oral health, you may be able to get away with only seeing the dentist once a year. But if you are particularly susceptible to tooth decay or gum disease such as smoker or diabetics, then our dentist may recommend getting a dental exam even more often.

Dental Exam Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles dental exam expert will use your time in the dentist’s chair to discuss your oral health habits and any medications you are currently taking that could be affecting your teeth and gums. If you have any dental restorations such as dentures, bridges, or crowns, our dentist will examine them to see how well they fit and make any necessary adjustments. Our dentist will also use this time to talk about your diet, any smoking habits, and any other lifestyle factors that could be affecting your teeth.

It is very common for our expert in dental exam in Los Angeles to take X-rays during an examination. X-rays allow our dentist to see oral structures that are not visible to the naked eye and would otherwise go unchecked. Our dentist will be able to see areas of damage and decay before they get more painful so that you can undergo a minimally invasive procedure to get it corrected. If you have not had a dental exam in a while, schedule an appointment with our dentist in Los Angeles.

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