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Dental Cleaning

dental cleaning 2It is recommended that everyone visit their dentist for an exam and cleaning twice every year. The purpose of these visits is to make sure your oral health is in good shape and for our Los Angeles dental cleaning expert to give recommendations on how you can improve your day-to-day oral health care routine. The dentist will visually examine your mouth and take X-rays in order to see if any areas of decay are popping up so that treatment can be given during an earlier stage. Our dentist will also use this time to thoroughly clean your teeth to remove bacteria and any stains. Many people feel as though they do not need a professional cleaning because they brush and floss their teeth every day, but there are several benefits to be gained from a professional cleaning.

Dental Cleaning Los Angeles

Getting regular cleanings from our expert in dental cleaning in Los Angeles can help prevent cavities. Cavities are caused by an over-accumulation of bacteria on the teeth. This bacteria can be removed through brushing and flossing, but if too much builds up, it can develop into tartar, which can only be removed with professional dental cleaning instruments.

Decay that begins in the teeth can quickly make its way to the gums and infect the gum tissue as well. This can lead to a loosening of the teeth and eventually cause them to fall out entirely. The chances of losing a tooth are greatly diminished when your teeth are taken care of by our Los Angeles dental cleaning expert.

Stains can build up on your teeth over time as a result of drinking too much coffee, wine, tea, or soda. People who smoke or chew tobacco may also notice a staining of the teeth over time. For any stains that have developed on the surface of the teeth, our expert in dental cleaning in Los Angeles will usually be able to remove it and brighten your smile.

Regular dental cleanings can also save you quite a bit of money in the long-run since you probably will not have to spend money on any restorative dental procedures to correct damage that could have easily been prevented. If your teeth have not been professionally cleaned in a while, talk to our Los Angeles dentist to schedule an appointment

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