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Dental Bridges

dental bridgesDental bridges are used to literally bridge the gap where a tooth or teeth have been lost. Bridges are supported by the adjacent teeth, which have crowns placed over them in order to support the false tooth between them. There are different types of dental bridges available, and our Los Angeles dental bridges expert will need to examine your smile to determine the best type of bridge and the best material it should be made of.

Once it has been determined that you are in good oral health and you are a good candidate for a bridge, our dentist will prepare the adjacent teeth by removing part of the enamel. This allows the crowns to fit comfortably over the teeth. Next, our expert in dental bridges in Los Angeles will take impressions of your teeth. These impressions are sent to a lab where your restoration will be designed. Until your permanent bridge is ready, you will need to wear a temporary, so you do not aggravate your exposed teeth.

Dental Bridges Los Angeles

For your second visit, your temporary bridge will be removed, and your new, permanent bridge will be put into place. Our Los Angeles dental bridges expert will make sure that it fits properly and that it does not affect your bite at all. You may need to schedule multiple visits to see our expert in dental bridges in Los Angeles again so that we can make sure your bridge is functioning as it should. Dental bridges typically last between five and 15 years. The best way to ensure a long lifespan for your bridge is to take care of your oral health and to schedule regular dental examinations.

A lost tooth not only negatively affects the aesthetics of your smile, but it also makes you more prone to tooth decay and gum disease. A missing tooth can also cause the surrounding teeth to shift positions since they have to compensate for space. A dental bridge can restore your smile, restore the ability to properly eat and speak, and help you maintain proper facial structure. To learn more about your options, schedule a consultation with our dentist in Los Angeles.

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