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Best Dentist Los Angeles

Best Dentist Los AngelesOur dentist gives patients access to several services that are designed to keep their teeth and gums healthy and attractive. Routine exams, a cornerstone of dental care at our office, include not only deep cleaning and oral tissue inspection but also fluoride application and advice about the best ways of caring for teeth at home. Other procedures, including restorations such as root canal treatment and cosmetic options such as teeth whitening, help ensure that patients keep looking good throughout their lives.

Advice on Dental Hygiene

Many patients are familiar with oral health recommendations regarding daily brushing and flossing and avoidance of sugary, acidic foods and drinks, but the personalized advice given by our best dentist in Los Angeles to patients offers effective preventive strategies. This individualized advice includes instruction on choosing materials for brushing and flossing, proper hygiene techniques and how to identify foods that may cause problems in combination with individual risk factors.

Twice-Yearly Check-Ups

Most patients should visit our best dentist in Los Angeles at least twice each year for check-ups that offer professional cleaning, comprehensive exams and updates on the status of ongoing dental problems. With specialized instruments, our dentist clears plaque and tartar from teeth to help protect patients from the ravages of tooth decay and gum disease. Oral exams and fluoride application identify problems and help protect against cavities, respectively.

Sedation for Absolute Comfort

Patients who suffer from intense fear of dental treatment can ask our best dentist in Los Angeles about our sedation dentistry options. With multiple degrees of sedation available, many patients can choose the best one for them depending on their health and preferences. In order of strength, patients can choose inhaled sedation with nitrous oxide, oral sedation with hypnotic drugs and IV sedation that puts patients in a state of semi-sleep during treatment.

Keeping healthy teeth throughout life is important for overall wellness and maintenance of youthful looks. With help from our best dentist in Los Angeles, meeting this goal is easier than ever. For more information on how our dentist prevents and treats oral health issues, patients can schedule a consultation at our office.

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